Sketch updates
Sketch updates

Developer Handoff improvements around Symbols & Components





We’ve given the Inspector in our web app an upgrade, with better support for Design Systems, a speed boost, and a whole host of smaller improvements. Read our blog post to find out more

Share your documents in My Drafts





Last month, we introduced My Drafts — a place to store private documents in your Workspace. Now, you can share individual documents in My Drafts with specific people using that document’s share settings.

Sharing documents in My Drafts is a great way to give your work a smaller audience without needing to share it with everyone in your Workspace.

Real-time Collaboration now available





Real-time collaboration is now available in Sketch for documents saved in your Workspace. Read here how to get set up, and start collaborating with others in the same Sketch document.

Invite non-Team members to edit your Team’s documents





You can now invite non-Team members to edit individual documents in your Team’s workspace. Better still, it doesn’t cost you anything. They’ll just need their own valid license or a Contributor seat on another Team.

Find out more →

Support for short Cloud sharing URLs is ending





After 30 November 2020, we’re ending support for short sharing URLs for Cloud documents. If you’ve shared a Cloud document with a public URL, the older short URL will no longer work.

Please replace any older short URLs you’ve shared publicly with the new, longer URL you’ll find in the document’s settings.

Note: This change will only affect public URLs. If you are logged in to Cloud and use a short URL to visit a document you have access to, we’ll continue to redirect you to its longer URL.

Comment Threads and Better Notifications





Today we’re introducing the option to reply to comments on Cloud Documents and start threads. You’ll see a new Reply option under every comment. Try it out and enjoy more organized conversations!

Along with threads, we’ve improved the controls for notifications. Now you can choose to get notifications for new comments on a specific thread, a single Artboard (or a selection of them) or the a whole document. It’s up to you!

Read more in our documentation →

Send documents to Trash





Not had your morning coffee yet? Accidentally deleted that Library you and your team all rely on? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Now, when you delete a document, it’ll go to the Trash. So if you accidentally delete something, no worries. You can any restore it from the Trash in a couple of clicks.

We’ll automatically permanently delete documents in the Trash after 90 days, but if you want to go full Marie Kondo you can delete individual documents permanently or empty the whole thing.

For more information, check out our documentation →


Color Variables support in Cloud Inspector





With version 69 of the Mac app, we introduced Color Variables and now we’re happy to say that Cloud Inspector supports them, too.

When you inspect a Cloud document in the browser, you’ll see the name of the Color Variable a layer uses. Click on that name to view its value and copy it in any format you need.


Read more in our documentation →

Open documents in the Mac app





We’ve made it quicker and easier to open any Cloud document in the Mac app, right from your browser. Click on the Open in Sketch button at the bottom of the sidebar in a document’s overview to open it in the Mac app.


If you’re viewing a single Artboard, you’ll see a new icon to the right of the zoom controls to open up that specific Artboard in the Mac app.

Finally you can also hover over any document’s thumbnail in your workspace, click and choose Open in Sketch.

Note: This feature will only work with version 64 or newer of the Mac app.

Delete Document Versions





Keeping your documents tidy is important, and no-one wants to accidentally download or use an incorrect version of a design. So, we’ve added the option to delete individual document versions.


Hover over the version you want to delete, click on the and choose Delete Version…